Walking out of church toward God.

Why do this?

When Whitney came up with this crazy idea to write an honest blog about our lives, marriage and what its like to try to follow Jesus, I was more than a little reluctant. My first thought was, “why would anyone care?”We live in the suburbs, and Whitney drives a mini-van. Taking our three young kids out to the local Hibachi restaraunt is about as adventurous as we get most weeks. A&E probably won’t be offering us a TV show anytime soon. 

After getting past my initial skepticism about the idea, fear set in next. What if we really did tell our story? Not the story we fabricate on Instagram and Facebook but the authentic one complete with all its secret messes, struggles and insecurities. That could get interesting. On the other hand, I have carefully constructed a persona for the outside world. Its taken a long time, a lot of work and careful planning to make myself into a successful “man” living out the “American Dream.” At least that is what I want you to think about me. You probably want me to think something similar about you. Why mess with our carefully scripted Instagram accounts of life. Despite my fear and insecurities I have come around to this blog idea for a couple of reasons.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.

John 1:5

One thing I have learned along my journey is that whenever I choose to bring something to the light - to share my secrets with others, to ask God for forgiveness, to recognize my shortcomings – I find those things that I wanted to hide from the world, lose so much of the power they hold on me. When God shines his light on the things I fear, I find that there is usually no reason to be afraid. I want more of his light on the dark parts of my life. God has also used many other people’s stories to provide me encouragement along the way. I am amazed by the people who not only find redemption from their brokenness, but whose brokenness also becomes a source for their strength later. I believe everyone can tell a beautiful story with their life if they are willing to let God and others in on it. This is our story, complete with a mini-van.