About the Blog

Hi, our names are Mike and Whitney Eddy and we have been married for a little over a decade.  We wrote “blog” posts for over a year before we summoned up the courage to start publishing them on the "inter-webs."  In fact, we probably wrote fifty posts before we started putting some of them on a website.  It took us at least another three months to tell anyone this website even existed.  

Why the reluctance to begin this little blog?  When we began conceiving of the Outsiders Blog, we wanted to try to take a little different approach. Another marriage or life skills blog just didn't seem neccesary. We decided to write personal stories from two very different perspectives (male and female), and we committed to trying to do it without filtering or censoring ourselves. We didn’t know if we could write with such rawness, so we spent a year writing for ourselves first.   The result is that many of our entries now read more like personal diary entries than a typical blog.  In other words, some of the stories we share are deeply personal.  They reflect our fears and shortcomings as much as they do our strengths and triumphs. In some ways we judge the quality of a post by the level of uncomfortability one of us feels when we hit “publish.”  The more we sweat, the better.

The stories we are seeking to share, while personal, are about simply living through faith outside the “doors” of the church - hence the name of the blog. On Sunday we all put our best foot forward. We dress nice, we listen quietly, we stand and sit when we are told, we go through the motions and make some friendly chit chat before we leave. Then we go home and LIFE happens. We take off our Sunday clothes and it is not pretty, but shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone. We stumble through the week and then, if we are good boys and girls, we clean up and make it back to church the next Sunday so we can say we did.

All the time in between? The moments that build us up and then tear us down, the failures and successes, the insecurities and the growth. The highs and lows of marriage,parenting, work, and friendship, - that is what we are here to share about. Two nobodys who live in the suburbs trying to navigate life and coming to the conclusion that without faith it is damn hard, and with faith it is still damn hard but somehow much better and more meaningful.